How Managed Magento Service Can Optimize Your Web Store

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How Managed Magento Service Can Optimize Your Web Store

If you are running a unique business in a fast growing industry then you can’t rely one-size-fits-all solution and when it comes to launching an online store, the related e-commerce software should have multi customization panel that can increase sales yet minifies the operations at the same time.

Magento Is An Ideal Ecommerce Solution

Such an ecommerce solution enables creation of website design and user interfaces like storefront dashboard and other background functions. You can make your life and e commerce business easier and simpler by customizing the software in the way you want it.

Magento, in this regard, is open source software that comes with most flexible and multi featured ecommerce options, you can use your own out-of-the-box idea or deploy a theme to fulfill your business needs. Magento community also offers infinite customization tools such as extensions and plug-ins with which you can scale your web store as your business grows.

The Need To Manage Magento, Or Should You Outsource the Management?

Now, with a Big web store comes the great responsibility of managing it. Considering Magento, a bit of technical knowledge is necessary if you want to manage your content and catalog, however a lot more expertise is required if you were to manage the server side operations, performance and optimization. For SMBs this is a challenge because a rather flexible budget is required to employ an in-house management team. But if you possess all the necessary skills with which you think you can manage your store on your own, this literally kills the whole prospect of “running a business” as more time is lost in management than actually working to grow your business and its customers.

Even Enterprises today prefer to make a separate IT or Site management department for these chores OR are sensible enough to partner with a service provider and outsource all the server and backend management operations for their Magento stores to them.

Here’s how outsourcing your Magento upkeep to a managed Magento service provider can help your web store:

Least Maintenance Time

Expert team of Magento is always there to handle backend tasks, and avoid technical challenges.

Outsourcing Is Less Costly

There is no need to invest in an in-house IT management team if you are utilizing services of a managed Magento provider who can also handle greater number of tasks as compared to an IT team and are available 24/7

Improved Web Store

It is difficult to stay connect or perform if you are always encountering problems with your website,  a managed Magento service on the other hand will update/ improve website performance.

Quick Disaster Recovery

A managed Magento service provider helps to recover data loss by creating regular backups and has robust contingency plans to ensure your site is back up and live in the wake of any disaster.

Regular Monitoring

The expert team managing your Magento will monitor your website and ensure a stream lined functionality. Added security checks and protocols are integrated during transactions and data transitions to make the experience of buying online reliable for your customers.

Enhanced Website Security

Securing customer information is always on top priority of e commerce retailers, managed service providers also provide security services to minimize threats and eliminate any vulnerability.

High Traffic Support

Your Magento managing team will also offer load testing services to optimize your site during traffic rush. This will allow your store to perform smoothly during rush hours and high traffic seasons.

Performance On Different Platforms

No matter which platform or browser your customers use to visit your site, your managed Magento team maximizes your Store’s experience on every browser.

Happy Customers

Web visitors these days demand that a website loads and works lightening fast. Here again a managed service provider is accountable for optimizing your website’s speed which results in satisfied web visitors who can later become customers.

Because of its manageability, feature rich atmosphere and abilities that can make a new store go big with just about the right strategy, Magento is still the strongest fully fledged ecommerce suit available to this day. Some of biggest Ecommerce Giants of today such as Gant, Mothercare, Easton and more are Magento users and they depend heavily on Magento’s ability to plan their round-the-year campaigns.

But, as most of these enterprises are hosted on cloud networks that require consistent management and resource scaling, they also rely on an MSP to whom they outsource the aforementioned tasks.This is where a managed Magento service provider comes in handy. They handle all the nitty gritties of your Magento and server side performance and let you focus your energy only on your business growth and increasing sales.

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