Bespoke Cloud solutions that are tailored to support your specific business requirements by cloudybuddy


Design, development, hosting, management, trouble shooting and much more, we won’t keep you hanging for any service. We offer a full suite of Cloud management and DevOps!

Our tailored business plans have helped thousands of businesses worldwide. We have assisted enterprises in initiating critical campaigns for an event, migrating business systems into the cloud, manage a high demand ecommerce stores and re-architecting cloud systems. We’d like to add that our plans and pricing is flexible and if you want extra services, we would love to help you!


Cloudybuddy can help you kick start your business with agile development, automation and management. Our holistic approach and DevOps strategy uses precise methodology, best practice processes and cloud technology to integrate a true and collaborative DevOps culture.


Running an ecommerce store & you can’t risk your operations because of downtime, poor performance and latency issues? Cloudybuddy can help you to optimize your ecommerce store with cloud consultants and technical experts to achieve best customer experience and 100% uptime.

Cloud Strategy

Cloudybuddy professional experts will collaborate with your business and technical experts to design and implement a cloud strategy that best suits your organizational requirements. To keep up and maintain an efficient supply of resources to your business cloud, we will consult across the entire technology stack from the cloud platform, integration points, best practices, application stack, optimization methodology and more.

Performance optimization

No matter how cool your web design is or how amazing your products are, Sluggish response from your cloud or website can put your business at stake. This is because customers don’t like to spend time on websites that take too much time to load or perform. At cloudybuddy, with the help of performance audits, precise configuration, tuning, continuous monitoring and management, we ensure that your environment delivers the best performance and user experience.

Web development

You have an idea to develop a commercial software application or a business critical application and host it on the cloud. Our team of technical experts comprising of cloud system specialists, programmers and application developers will help you turn your idea into reality. Cloudybuddy will provide you the services to materialize a highly functional software application, business app, or storefront- and the best solution to start your cloud transformation journey.

Application Development

At cloudybuddy, we have helped numerous clients revamp or re-architect their software application and commercial apps for the cloud. Application development and programming is our core specialty owning to the fact that our parent company “Smartmicros” is one of the finest software development firms in San Diego. Whether you need cloud management services or development and programming operations, our experts will be there to assist you.