Your Software made simple and Blazing Fast!


Cloudybuddy will handle the hosting setup of your software, keep it up to date and manage all the hassles so you can focus on keeping your customers happy!

Managed WordPress

Backed by WordPress specialists, designers and developers, Cloudybuddy managed WordPress service offers a blazing fast WordPress hosting platform, which is optimized at par with the standards of WordPress pros. Result being, your WordPress website serves pages fast, with little to no loading times and the opportunity to quickly make a mark on search engines with our pre-launch on-page operations. All core updates are automatically performed along with daily backups and 24/7 certified support services which takes out your worries regarding hosting.

Managed Magento

Magento, known for its dynamic and remarkable offerings for an ecommerce business, is crucial for every online store. However, many online stores don’t deliver which results in over all low performance and conversions. This is because tuning and managing Magento enabled environments is challenging. Fortunately, there is a better way to deliver a remarkable Magento experience consistently via cloudybuddy managed Magento service.

Magento Cloud management from cloudybuddy offers the combine flexibility and scalability of AWS cloud or any desired cloud infrastructure. We offer a scalable, reliable and secure cloud platform which is specifically tuned to provide a blazing fast performance on Magento.

Managed Drupal

Having full access to the server is a big responsibility and a scary thing. Sometimes in a production server, an inexperienced system administrator can make mistakes which can put your business availability at stake. Such bottlenecks in service can cause downtime for your business which can last minutes to hours! This ordeal is challenging as you not only lose precious time but also money,

However, at cloudybuddy we have got you covered as your Drupal websites is in the hands of our skilled system administration teams. With our cloud strategy that offers 24/7 monitoring, real-time resource management, disaster recovery and iron clad security, we ensure that your business acquires a 99.9% availability and is ready for all challenges

Managed PHP/LAMP hosting

At cloudybuddy, we plan strategic cloud management services for hosting environments with apps or sites built using PHP. This allows us to have a quick response time for anything that is made with PHP and run it well.

On the other hand, our LAMP host managed services provide you with the nuts and bolts to host on your own box and without the worries related with physical hardware. The bottom line is; you manage your content while we manage the underlying hardware, your cloud instance, software, patches, security modules and updates and are by your side 24/7.

Managed Ruby on rails Hosting

Our tier 1 management for ruby on rails configured hosting environments offer fast deployment, and pre-installation modules coupled with monthly pricing to give you the peace of mind. Our system developers and administrators are ruby on rails experts, so you can rest assured that your hosting environment is in good hands. Plus, we are at your disposal 24/7 to take all necessary actions whenever required.

Managed Java/.net Hosting

Cloudybuddy offers managed services for organizations that build custom applications and websites. Our expertise in .NET and Java based technologies makes us an ideal partner for such companies looking for ways to lower service bottlenecks and acquire a team of system administrators. Our managed service approach is iterative and consultative and we provide agile methodology to keep your business running and fully functional.