Get full efficiency of the cloud without the pain and hassle of managing it!


Cloudybuddy’s managed cloud platform addresses the complex and conflicting needs of enterprise clouds!

You are an expert in your business and you know best what makes it unique and what your customers need. We are the experts in cloud and with our cloud platform management services you can focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest.

Whether you are an accustomed cloud user, just starting up or need consultation to improve your business’s cloud strategy, we have the expertise based on your business needs and its very easy to get started. Simply choose from our three service plans or if you are unsure of what plan will suit your cloud, Consult with us using the form on the left!

Amazon AWS Cloud

Whether you are running AWS cloud and looking for an extension to your internal technical team, or considering AWS for the first time, we are an end-to-end AWS solution provider and we can help.

At cloudybuddy, we provide in-depth knowledge across the full suite of AWS services and help you design and develop the best solution needed by your business. We also leverage our best practices hard earned after extensive experience in deploying AWS which ensures that your environment offers high availability, performance and security. Furthermore, every segment of our Managed AWS solution is coupled with 24/7 world-class cloudybuddy support, proactive monitoring and management.

Microsoft Azure

Cloudybuddy managed Azure services will help you optimize your Azure cloud platform for compliance and security. Let Cloudybuddy help you get the most out of Azure.

Whether you are an accustomed user of Microsoft’s public cloud platform, want to migrate or planning to use it for the first time, cloudybuddy will optimize and mange your organization’s cloud infrastructure and help you get meaningful savings of time and money. Our Windows Azure management experts will manage and monitor your azure environment including your virtual machines, databases, media services, mobile services, application workloads and more.

Google App Engine

Cloudybuddy’s Google app engine management will let you overcome the challenges observed while building applications and how you can harness the power of App engine with the help of Devops. Our managed Google app engine service will allow you to focus on your application features and not on managing infrastructure which your app uses. Not only this but our Devops can also maximize you app making efforts by providing stream lined functionality to your app while managing your instances on the other hand and taking care of patching your software.

Dedicated Servers

Cloud users who run dedicated servers can choose Linux or Windows operated systems and will experience a worry less time provided by our proactive 24/7 dedicated server monitoring. Our fully managed dedicated server services is one of the most comprehensive in managed Cloud hosting and feature, a 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support and develops to couple smooth functionality of your business or app to your cloud environment.

Cloudybuddy managed dedicated server plans are available with support for MySQL Databases, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Drupal, OScommerce, ZenCart, CubeCart, Magento, Moodle, Joomla and beyond

Shared Servers

Configuring, deploying and managing servers are all challenging and resource extensive processes which require both expertise and investments. However, a managed shared server service from cloudybuddy provides an alternative. We let you enjoy all the benefits of shared instances without being worried about maintenances, monitoring, backup and support operations.

With Cloudybuddy managed shared server, you can focus your efforts on your business marketing and features while we provide you with highest levels of security, scalability a comprehensive range of managed solutions.