How Server Downtime Can Affect Your Business

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Imagine you own a busy brick & mortar store in your city and the business is booming. One day when you go to work, you realize that your store is welded shut, even the windows are boarded and you are unable to do business. Your customers are coming at the door; some asking what had happened, or will you ever open again- while some coast by noticing your abandoned store.

Well! in the online realm, this is exactly how a server down can be picturized. Your website, blog, ecommerce store all of a sudden becomes unavailable to the thousands or millions of customers and visitors that you have for an unknown amount of time.

The following Infographics discusses the reasons and the impact a server downtime can have on your business, also with preventive measure you can take to avoid such an ordeal.

Have you ever experienced a server downtime?

Calculate the financial dent you suffered during that time in lost revenue and the cost of recovery using the interactive formulae below the infographic:


Calculate The Cost Of Server Downtime Via Cloudybuddy Using This Formula:


Revenue Lost During Downtime:

Assuming revenue is generated online, simply divide your Annual Revenue with 525,600 (which is actually 60 min x 24 hours x 365 days for average per minute cost of downtime). And “t” denotes the duration of downtime in minutes.



Cost of IT Recovery

Use this formula to calculate the cost of time IT staff was busy getting your systems up and running again. Here “EIT “denotes the number of employees performing IT operations, “W” denotes average hourly wage per employee ($) and “t’ ” (minutes) denotes the time taken to fix all the issues and return everything to business usual.



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