CloudyBuddy Offers Bespoke Managed Services

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Updates Subscription Plans, Adds “Cloud Solutions By Requirement” Model

CloudyBuddy in an effort to let SMBs fully benefit from managed services now offers “Bespoke Managed Services”. This new offer is a cost effective alternative to monthly subscription plans which traditionally makes customers to pay for unwanted service modules. With the new service model, managed service users will now be able to integrate cloud solutions based on their business requirements.

Not only would Client requirements matter more, but CloudyBuddy will offer additional help to customers in finding their precise needs by analyzing their setup and targeting the core areas where their business needs management.

CloudyBuddy believes that service plans and monthly modules aren’t friendly enough for cloud users who want their systems to be outsourced but are un-decisive about their needs. Furthermore, these plans contain service headings that are generic and usually automated but are still charged for. CloudyBuddy, as always, aims to provide managed services with a different perspective, by offering bespoke services, which are custom tailored for every client and also charge them in accordance to the services they use.

“We think no subscription plan can justify the amount of service required by the client, sooner or later they will need to progress from that package and then the price will go up. For SMBs and especially startups this can be quite an ordeal, hence why not offer an elastic service based upon their requirements that works for them all along”, says Zafar Kazmi – CTO at CloudyBuddy

To assure quick integration of monitoring and management into enterprise systems, Mr. Zafar said “transparent correspondence with clientele is what guarantees the successful delivery of services. There can be no delays, rather we will be able to target their precise requirements and they can experience the gains in business continuity, availability, elimination of known & predictable issues and high performance”.

CloudyBuddy is also offering a time limited Free Consultation Service which will address general queries and issues experienced by cloud users and IT managers and recommend support solutions in accordance with their systems.

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